Golf lessons seem to be a straight forward thing. One is booking a 25 or 50 minutes slot with the local professional and the pro’s job then is to identify as quickly as possible the crucial error and come up with the most effective cure to it. But, as with most consulting products, personalisation makes the key difference. Obviously, a private lesson is the most efficient way to analyse a golfer’s swing.

Individual lessons are the most efficient way to learn. The teacher, in this case will custom fit the ambience and communication level of the lesson to the student’s personality and learning skills. If you are looking for a 25 minutes ‘quick-fix’ or a series of ten times 50 minutes to put your swing to more solid base – you can expect a relaxed and competent student/teacher relationship.

Group lessons are focusing on players with similar skill level who, at the same time as getting to know other people are looking for a serious knowledge transfer. The professional will see for a quick and efficient way of communication as well as taking care of individual issues.